If you can’t decide between a romantic dinner or movie, start
by mixing this gorgeous pink drink. With a grapefruit base,
a touch of herbs and just the right amount of tequila, you’ll
feel the evening getting spicier by the minute.


60ml Tequila (Blanco)
30ml fresh lime juice
15ml ruby red grapefruit
25ml rosemary syrup
A pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt
SodaStream sparkling water


In a cocktail shaker add all
ingredients (except the SodaStream
sparkling water) and shake
vigorously. Double strain through
a fine sieve and top with the
SodaStream sparkling water.

For the rosemary syrup:

Start by making simple syrup: use
equal parts granulated white sugar
to hot water and stir until sugar fully
dissolves. While it’s still hot, add
rosemary – 100g rosemary to
every 500ml syrup. Let cool
down and steep overnight.


Grapefruit twist or a burnt
rosemary sprig


Stemless wine glass