Kiss the Cook

If you can grill a steak and chop a salad, you can make this
perfect punch for your weekend BBQ. With its very berry
sweet demeanor, you’ll be getting a ‘yes, yes, yes!’ every time.
Now don’t forget to flip your steak.


6 limes – diced
200g red currants
200g raspberries
200g blueberries
20 tsp granulated sugar
1 bottle of Cachaça or Rhum Agricole
100ml Triple sec
60ml SodaStream Berry Mix syrup
SodaStream sparkling water


In a reusable container, muddle the
diced limes with the sugar and half
of the berries. Let sit for 5 minutes.
Pour the entire contents into a punch
bowl. Add Cachaça (or Rhum) and
Triple sec. Fill punch bowl with ice,
SodaStream Berry Mix syrup and top
with SodaStream sparkling water. Add
the rest of the berries and stir gently.



Punch bowl and punch glasses