Hello Sunset

They say the average sunset takes less than 5 minutes (just
enough time for a romantic evening for exhausted parents).
This orangey-reddish, magically minty drink, takes even
less time to prepare. Simply slip into your comfortable
clothes, look into each other’s eyes and remember, life can be
downright sweet.


Handful of mint
5 fresh blackberries
25ml simple syrup
30ml lime juice
30ml Oloroso sherry
15ml vodka
SodaStream sparkling water


In a shaker, muddle the blackberries,
mint and simple syrup. Add the
rest of the ingredients (except the
SodaStream sparkling water). Shake
vigorously. Double strain through a
fine sieve and top with SodaStream
sparkling water.


Fresh blackberries


Champagne flute