Booze and Snooze

Hard day? Honey, you need a cocktail. This tantalizing mix has it
all – satisfyingly sweet, slightly savory, delightfully calming and
pairs perfectly with relaxing music and a bubble bath.


Handful of white leaved savory
25ml lemon
25ml honey syrup
60ml chamomile infused Gin
SodaStream sparkling water


Add all the ingredients (except the
SodaStream sparkling water) into
a shaker. Fill with ice and shake
vigorously. Double strain through a
fine sieve and top with SodaStream
sparkling water.

For chamomile-infused gin:

Empty one bottle of London Dry
Gin into a clean sealable container.
Add 4 caffeine-free chamomile tea
bags, cover and let steep for 3 hours.
Strain back into the bottle.


Edible flowers and a pinch of
honey pollen


Martini glass